Licensed Practical Nurse Apprenticeship (LPN)

Banquet Solutions Hawaii (BSH), in partnership with UNITE HERE! Local 5, Kaiser Permanente, Ben Hudnell Memorial trust Fund, Healthcare Association of Hawaii, and the University of Hawaii Community College System are offering a Licensed Practical Nurse Training and Apprenticeship Program.

Who can apply?

  • This FREE program is open to current employees of Kaiser Permanente (on Oahu) who are interested in doing a LPN Apprenticeship to become an LPN at Kaiser Permanente.  Applicants should be from those classifications that have direct patient service experience (CNA’s, MA’s, Health Aides, etc.) 

?What is the process

Step 1: Initial Screening

  • Determine those that meet all or most of the pre-requisite course completion requirements (see classes below) from an approved educational institution, and those that do not meet any or only a handful of the pre-requisites

Who goes through?

Step 2: Review of Applicants

  • A list of applicants who meet all or most of the pre-requisites will be sent to the University of Hawaii – Maui College for academic advising to ensure college credits are transferrable. Credits are then evaluated by BSH. Those who do not fulfill any course pre-requisite classes (or only fulfill a few) are allowed to enroll in a pre-apprenticeship in anticipation of applying for the 2024 LPN Co-Hort.  BSH and Ben Hudnell Memorial Trust will assist these members.

?Who Decides

Step 3: KP & Local 5 select ten applicants

  • Once the list of applicants has been screened by the University of Hawaii – Maui College, Kaiser Permanente and UNITE HERE! Local 5 will interview and select the 10 candidates for the apprenticeship
  • Selected applicants that have met all pre-requisites will register at UH Maui and are on hold until the program starts in January 2023
  • Those still fulfilling course prerequisites will register at UH Maui and enroll in the PN Bridge program to enroll in missing courses for the Fall 2022 (online) semester

For additional assistance, please contact

The CNA/MA Bridge to PN Program is a Spring-only entry. Classes (Online and on Zoom), labs, and clinical experiences are offered three days out of the week to accommodate work schedules. Please review the video below for more specifics.   Seats are limited to 10.

Spring 2023

Nurs 111 – Fully Online
Nurs 110T – 1 hour live zoom, 3 hours pre-recorded lectures per week
Nurs 110L – 1 hour live zoom, 3 hours online modules per week
Nurs 110C – 1 prep day (3 hours) and 2 clinical days (6 hours) according to clinical schedule.

Summer 2023

Nurs 115T
Nurs 115L
Nurs 115C

Fall 2023

Nurs 120T
Nurs 120L
Nurs 120C
Nurs 121T
Nurs 121L

(Video outlining program information)


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To participate…

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