Internship Employer Agreement


Mahalo for agreeing to host a University of Hawaii and Banquet Solutions Hawaii student(s) as an intern at the organization listed below.

Educational experience. The student’s participation in the internship will complement the activities of the Organization and will be educational and training in nature. The intern will spend on-the-job hours performing tasks typical of a normal employee’s function while supervised by trainer/mentor. The intent is to provide the intern with real world experience in applying what they learned in their program.

Student conduct. The Organization may dismiss the student from the internship for poor performance or improper conduct. Students are expected to perform at high standards at all times and comply with all written policies and regulations of the appropriate department of the Organization.

Health and Safety. The Organization will provide a safe workplace environment as typically experienced by normal employees. 

Financial Obligation. Organization will be compensated by BSH. Compensation will be used to pay an hourly wage of $15/hour to $18/hour to the intern for a specified number of hours of service rendered.  The Organization will also be paid a fee to offset costs of mentoring, training, and [if applicable] onboarding. Payments will be paid in advance to Organization once intern has been accepted and onboarded by Organization.  The Organization will not be required to refund any amount should the Intern leave the program early.

BSH Responsibility. Banquet Solutions Hawaii agrees to operate as the participant’s hiring agency and will assume the intern’s wage payment, workman’s insurance responsibilities, and onboarding costs specific to the fulfillment of a prerequisite background check and substance screening test required to permit employment at Organization.

Term. This agreement shall be effective as of the date listed below and shall remain in effect until successful completion of eighty-hour term or as amended and agreed upon by both BSH and Organization. The Organization will, at their discretion, arrange with and log training hours for intern until the designated term has been fulfilled.

Evaluation. Organization’s supervisor or qualified personnel agrees to provide graded assessment of the intern’s performance during term (criteria provided by Banquet Solutions Hawaii) upon completion of the eighty-hour practicum.

Signature (electronic). By signing below, I represent and warrant that I have read this document and am duly authorized to execute this agreement on behalf of the Organization.

Internship Agreement for Employers Form
I have read and fully understand the contents of this document. I agree to all terms and conditions stated above.